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Archive 17th April 2019

Commercial Laundry Water Softer and Boiler

Commercial laundry water softener and boiler

To Improve efficiency, reduce cycle times and reduce energy usage we have now fitted a Commercial Laundry Water Softer and boiler.

This means the washing machines use less energy as they don’t have to heat up water. It’s provided from the boiler instead which does it more efficiently, thus reducing overall energy usage. Cycle times in the machines are also shorter allowing more throughput.

The Softener means less water, detergents and chemicals are needed, especially as we are in a very hard water area.

Along with our solar panels this helps our ongoing quest to be more energy efficient and eco friendly.

Full Steam Ahead …

A busy day in the commercial laundry today so all washing machines and dryers turning, that’s what we like to see.

We still need more capacity for yet more customers though, so the engineers are in fitting this new washing machine. There’s a new dryer on the way as well.

New Washing machine being delivered, in packaging on trolly

… and now fitted and turning:

Commercial washing machine installed and turning Commercial Laundry
Commercial washing machine installed and turning